Non-Executive Directors / Board Members

Roles Description

Each Board member has:

  • A general duty to act in the interests of the company, being committed to the corporate objectives and core values of the company.
  • A duty to ensure that the company observes its rules.
  • A duty to govern the company with proper skill and care, contributing to, abiding by and assuming collective responsibility for, board decisions.


  • Share accountability for the direction and control of First Ark within the agreed strategy, policy and planning framework, reviewing that framework as necessary.
  • Ensure that obligations to stakeholders are understood and reflected in strategy and implementation.
  • Establish a strong and positive working relationship between the board, the Chief Executive and other senior staff.
  • Support the Chair in his/her role of providing strategic leadership and creating positive board climate.


  • Set objectives for First Ark in the context of its aims, strategy and policy and determine the strategic aims and outcomes required.
  • Review and evaluate current and future external opportunities, threats and risks together with current and future internal strengths and weaknesses to ensure effective decision making.
  • In conjunction with the board as a whole, be accountable for the quality and effectiveness of the Business Plan in contributing to delivering long term sustainability for First Ark.

Performance monitoring

  • Ensure there are agreed budgets for both revenue and capital expenditure that drive the outcomes set in the Business Plan.
  • Review and monitor the performance of First Ark against the Business Plan and ensure that the management information provided to the Board is of the nature and quality required.


  • Ensure that there are systems in place to identify, manage and report risk to safeguard First Ark’s assets.
  • Agree policies and take decisions on all matters that might create significant financial or other risk to First Ark.
  • Ensure the climate is monitored and appropriate actions taken to deliver a positive climate for staff and board members.


  • Ensure that First Ark complies with all legal and statutory obligations and that all regulatory requirements are met.
  • In conjunction with the board as a whole, establish and review a Code of Conduct for all board and committee members and staff.
  • Assess how First Ark follows the recommendations of the chosen code of governance and state compliance or non-compliance in First Ark ’s annual review and accounts.

Personal Development

  • Be both well informed (undertake appropriate background reading, develop and maintain an appreciation of the key challenges faced by First Ark) and contribute specialist knowledge, expertise and/or experience to the board.
  • Contribute to creating and sustaining the “learning board” by participating in or leading board induction and development activities.


  • Promote the reputation and image of First Ark by representing First Ark as an ambassador at key events and interfaces with tenants, stakeholders, staff etc., both internally and externally.

Board Member - Role Specification

The Board should possess the qualities required to lead First Ark and control its affairs. Through annual individual and collective appraisal, the board will ensure that members have relevant skills and experience to lead First Ark.


  • Understanding of current issues in affordable/social housing.
  • Knowledge of the service standards and needs in a social housing context.
  • Understanding of the social, economic and/or political context in which First Ark operates.
  • Understanding of the regulatory and compliance framework within which First Ark operates.


  • Experience of working with or for not for profit, public sector, private sector and/or social enterprise bodies.
  • Experience of customer care and service delivery.
  • Experience of charitable investment and grant giving.
  • Experience of operating in a climate of significant change and challenge.
  • Experience of working as part of a team.


  • Ability to make a constructive contribution to meetings through preparation and understanding.
  • Ability to understand complex issues, including financial information
  • Ability to take an active part in collective debate and decision-making
  • Ability to attend Board meetings, training and development events and other corporate activities which may be held in the evening and at weekends.


  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Committee/meeting skills
  • Good problem solving skills
  • lCT literacy

Personal Qualities

  • Commitment to the vision and values of First Ark
  • Commitment to equality and diversity in employment and service delivery
  • High standards of personal and professional integrity

The details outlined in this Role Description, particularly the principal accountabilities, reflect the content of the job at the date the Role Description was prepared. It should be remembered however, that it is inevitable that over time the nature of individual roles will change, existing duties may be lost and other duties gained without changing the general remit of the duties or the level of responsibilities entailed. Consequently, the Company will expect to revise this Role Description from time to time and will consult the postholder at the appropriate time.

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